Meteny Workshop Cello Belium (4/4)

LAVS Selected Cello (4/4) Meteny Workshop Cello Belium (4/4) Jonathan Li Model Cello (4/4)
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Cello “Meteny” inspired by the model of Antonio Stradivarius “Duport” made in 1711

Carpathian maple and spruce from the Dolomites or Juras are selected according to their density, their aesthetic characteristics, their structure, their cut in order to develop the sound of the instrument according to the traditions, the empiricism and the current knowledge in acoustics.

Made in Brussels, Belgium

LAVS Set up process
Violin makers carefully fitted and carved new bridge (French Aubert Luxe Belgian Style)
All instruments from vendors, LAVS carves and fitted our bridge and soundpost at LAVS.
Soundpost setting for optimal sound
Peg shaping and fitting for easy tune
Fine tuner check up and Installing Wittner German Tailpieces
Nut height and spacing adjust
Fingerboard inspection and planning
Installed finest string set (Versum Solo or Larsen & Spirocore Tungten Combo)

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