PortaStand Trabadour 2.0 Music Stand, Black

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Troubadour 2.0, a black powder-coated aluminum desk supports orchestra scores, laptops, tables, and auxiliary equipment without so much as a whimper. Its tripod goes low enough for the seated classical guitarist and high enough for bowed instrument player. Its patented, tailor-fit 1000D Cordura Nylon Desk cover with it’s: Wind resistors, removable shoulder strap, 3 over-size rear pockets, pencil and tripod storage features is weatherproof, tour-proof, and student-proof—all while dutifully schlepping everything from your expensive Tablet, to the kind of orchestra-sized scores that strike fear into the hearts of even the burliest percussionists. Take away the all-metal tripod and it doubles as a tabletop stand. And of course, like any Portastand product, it folds up like it’s auditioning for Cirque du Soleil, weighing an astonishingly light 5.5 pounds for easy carrying. So take a load off, ye weary traveler—the Portastand Troubadour 2.0 is the third bicep you always wanted.

  • Desk Dimensions: 20"W x 13"H x 2"D
  • Height Range: 24" to 58"
  • Extended Tripod Radius: 24"