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Wiseman Wooden Case VN

A eye-catching blend of retro and modern elements, the Wiseman Wooden Violin Cases are something special. They are built from from sustainable, natural, aircraft-grade Finnish Birch plywood, and are as beautiful as they are light and incredibly strong. And oh yes, they have an oval cross-section, which the company claims adds to their strength and protection.

The Wiseman Wooden Violin Case is just as impressive and protective on the inside. They use a modern design, dense foam suspension system for both instrument and bows. This system suspends the instrument and holds so firmly that founder and owner of Wiseman Cases is known for demonstrating the cases by throwing them down the hall with a violin inside! And the violin is no worse for the experience, due to the protectiveness of the case and its internal system.

These violin cases come in four beautiful wood stain finishes: Antique Pine, Red Mahogany, Ebony, and Walnut. They feature leather handles and trim. Stainless steel hinges and latches. We have them priced at $1175.