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Calin Wultur #6 Cello (4/4)

The Calin Wultur Workshop is a group of string instrument makers in Reghin, Romania, led by Calin Wultur. It produces instruments that are unique in the world for their workmanship and tone relative to their price. As time and economics have progressed, traditional European centers of luthierie such as France and Germany, which once produced high-quality instruments on a commercial level, have grown largely uncompetitive with other regions such as Eastern Europe. Reghin's tradition of luthierie goes back some time, but, with the exception of a number of talented, individual makers, mainly as a center for factory instruments.

The Calin Wultur #6 Cello has a big bold sound, with lots of nuance and sweetness when desired. This is an excellent instrument for an advanced student or amature player looking for an instrument that will yield all the tonal colors they are looking for. Available in 4/4 only. 


  • Aubert Luxe Belgian Style Bridge custom carved and fit by LAVS
  • Wittner Finetune Geared Pegs
  • Wittner Finetune Tailpiece
  • Versum Solo string set or Larsen & Spirocore Tungten Combo
  • Durod Carbon-Brass Endpin