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Jay Haide Special CE 4/4

Los Angeles Violin Shop is proud to stock the Jay Haide Euro l'ancienne cellos, available in the Strad model with a narrower, streamlined body, and a brighter sound. The wider bodied Montagnana model, with a broad, rich, dark sound, can be special ordered. 

From Manufacture's website:
Jay Haide cellos are hand-made of quality seasoned maple and spruce and have a tone quality and workmanship normally found in instruments costing much more.  The á l'ancienne models are made by more senior violin makers with finer quality aged wood for musicians requiring the best tone quality.
The Jay Haide á l'ancienne cellos are brought to you after years of development. The varnish is a new formulation, carefully applied and beautifully antiqued giving each instrument the patina of age, so desired by both musicians and connoisseurs. They are as beautiful tonally as they are visually. The Jay Haide á l'ancienne has been designed for the advanced student and professional who needs an instrument that will compliment and enhance their artistic style.Recently, we have introduced our special Euro model á l'ancienne, made with the finest aged European maple and spruce. In the short time they have been available these cellos have been a big hit around the world. These very special cellos are only available in limited numbers, but are worth seeking out.

LA Violin Shop luthiers set up these cellos with Wittner Finetune geared pegs, Wittner Finetune tailpeices, Aubert Belgian style bridges customer carved and fitted, and Spirocore/Larsen combo strings for a big, warm, hall-filling sound and ease of play. An excellent choice for an advanced student or the amateur player looking for a more professional sound.