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LAVS Selected Special Cello (4/4)

LAVS Selected are instruments hand-picked by our luthiers for reconditioning. We thoroughly inspect the wood, the varnish, and the construction to make sure the instrument is sound and will be a lasting performer. We then carefully tune and graduate the tops and backs. Aged wood is used for any patches and fills. This work results in a much better instrument, one that stands up with the finest in their category. 

Because each LAVS Selected instrument is unique, there will be variations in color, varnish, and model. But each instrument meets our high standards of sound, performance, construction, and restoration. 

  • Aubert Luxe Belgian Style Bridge custom carved and fit by LAVS
  • Wittner Finetune Geared Pegs
  • Wittner Finetune Tailpiece
  • Versum Solo string set or Larsen & Spirocore Tungten Combo
  • Durod Carbon-Brass Endpin