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Meteny Belgium Workshop Cello Belium (4/4)

This Meteny Workshop Cello is made in Brussels, Belgium, and is inspired by Antonio Stradivarius' "Duport" cello made in 1711. Carpathian maple and spruce from the Dolomites or Juras are selected according to their density, their aesthetic characteristics, their structure, their cut in order to develop the sound of the instrument according to the traditions, the empiricism and the current knowledge in acoustics.

This cello has a big bold sound, with all the supple nuance a talented player can muster. This is the instrument for an advanced player with professional aspirations. A beautiful instrument with just a hint of antiquing to the finish. Available in 4/4 size only.


  • Aubert Luxe Belgian Style Bridge custom carved and fit by LAVS
  • Wittner Finetune Geared Pegs
  • A Finetune Tailpiece
  • Larsen & Spirocore Tungten Combo
  • Durod Carbon-Brass Endpin