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Rudoulf Doetsch Violin (1/2-4/4) Guarneri Model

Rudoulf Doetsch violins are part of Eastman Strings Professional series, and have been a national best seller for years. They continue to be a favorite of students and teachers for their resonant sound and expressive tone. German tonewoods and old world multilayer varnish make the Rudoulf Doetsch look as beautiful as it sounds. These violins are a wonderful choice for the advancing player who wants a responsive instrument with excellent sound to give them an edge in their performance.

Of course, LA Violin Shop luthier custom carve and fit the Aubert Luxe bridge, set the soundpost for optimal sound, install Wittner finetune tailpiece, and Dominant strings with a Goldbrokat E string for the best playing experience. 

Available in 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2 sizes.