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  • Signup: 8/14/23-9/30/23  
  • Return Location: LAVS main office
  • Return or Renewal Due: By the end of June
  •  Renewal Request:

    o   Call: 213-471-2124

    o   Text: 251-292-1957

    o   Email:

  • School Year Plan is a one-time payment per year.
  • Basic Rental: Shop set up Carlos Rizzo Model Outfit ($700 VN/ $900 VA/ $1500 CE), or equivalent
  • Los Angeles Violin Shop offers a variety sizes. Moving up in size is included in the rental plan
  •  LAVS Protection Plan is included
  •  School Term Plans DO NOT earn Rental Credit
  •  Your rental terminates on the last day of June. If you fail to return the instrument our LAVS Main Shop in good condition at the end of your term or to renewal the School Year Term contract, your account will be moved to a monthly rental program, with a due date of the 1st of the month, and your credit card will be charged accordingly. 

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School Term - Viola Outfit