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Violin Outfit - Monthly Rental


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Violin Outfit (1/16 - 4/4)
Case, Brazilwood Bow, Cleaning Cloth is included in this outfit.

Monthly total price: $ 41.85 (Include tax and protection plan.)
- Monthly Rental Credit $ 25.00 (up to 15 months)
- LAVS Protection Plan $ 7.00

- 3-month minimum rental period required.
- Monthly rental credit (VN $ 25/ VA $ 30/ CE $ 50) up to 15 months towards the Purchase.
- Maximum 100% of monthly rental credits may be applied as credit towards up to 70% of LA Violin (except Tax, Processing fee, Protection Plan, and Accessories rental).
- This discount (Purchase Option credit) must be applied towards purchase when returning instrument to LAVS; otherwise Rental Credit will be forfeited.
- In the case of multiple rental instruments, individually accrued credit cannot be compounded towards the purchase of a single instrument.
- Rental credit applies solely towards an instrument purchase of the same type. For example, cello rental credit cannot be applied to a violin purchase.