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Musafia Luxury Classic Vln

Musafia started making cases with the Luxury Classic in 1983. From the outset it showcased what would become known universally as the “Musafia Style”: gold-color rope cording, quilted bottom padding, brown-on-color chromatic scheme, and double-thick padding around the instrument. 

Just touching the soft velvet lining with your fingertips will confirm that it is simply without equal in terms of plushness and offers minimum abrasion to the varnish of even the most important instrument. The design offers generous placement of both thick padding and impact-absorbing foam for further protection. 

Continuously updated over almost 40 years, the oblong violin model 3011 was redesigned in 2014 to offer even more protection than before, with the violin centered allowing it to be better protected from bumps coming from all directions. In 2019 it was re-designed again, vastly increasing the space for accessories, with a shoulder rest holder outside the main compartment and an elastic to hold string packets. Now there is also a second load-bearing transverse structural partition for vastly increased sideways crush resistance. 


  1. Continuum High Tensile™ hybrid Kevlar/ 6-ply laminate construction with monolithical impact absorbing structure.
  2. 4-point Offset Plane Suspension System™ for improved instrument protection in case of bumps and impact.
  3. EnCase™ construction feature with improved resistance to side impact.
  4. Anti-intrusion bottom panel enhances protection against blunt force.
  5. Replaceable Cordura® nylon waterproof cover with full-sized music (or iPad) pouch, padded on underside. YKK zippers. Teflon® treatment to reduce wear and scuffs. Two pencil/pen loops inside the music pouch. Now with LieFlat™ extra capacity music or iPad pocket and full-length rain flap.
  6. Interior fully-lined and padded with truly finest velvet plush.
  7. Patented SoftTouch™ elastic spring-loaded locking bow holders. *
  8. Rosin dust-resistant bow ribbons with Stradivari "Sunrise" inlay motif. *
  9. Padded blanket and flexible string tube. *
  10. Photo retaining ribbons. *
  11. Musafia hygrometer - humdifier system with highly effective Dimus II multi-filament humidifier.
  12. Four metal through-bolted carrying strap fixtures with shoulder strap and backpack capability.
  13. Two carrying straps for normal and backpack use. 
  14. Oversized, comfortable leather padded handle.
  15. Alcantara-covered subway handle.
  16. Sekur™ double-action safety lock.