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Versum Solo Cello Set

From Manufacturer's website:
Thomastik Versum cello strings are among the warmest produced by Thomastik, and their sweetness is not without clarity and distinction. As the first choice of many notable professionals, Versum strings are capable of producing subtle and complex tone colors to match the cellist's advanced musicality.

 Versum cello strings impress with a beautiful tonal balance: a sweet top register with a round, velvety lower register. With their focused sound, and precise and powerful intonation, they enhance an instruments a unique timbre and offer great versatility in expression.

Tone: Bright with ample projection
Playability: Very responsive
Stability: Virtually resistant to climate and temperature change

Thomastik-Infeld Versum cello string composition:
A string: Multi-alloy wound over steel
D string: Multi-alloy wound over steel
G string: Tungsten/chrome wound over spiral core
C string: Tungsten/chrome wound over spiral core

  • Versum Cello Strings Set
  • VE41-A,VE42-D,VE43-G,VE44-C
  • Steel & spiral core
  • Multialloy Wound (A&D),Tungsten/Chrome wound (G&C)
  • VE41 a??la??I Carbon steel Multialloy wound  
    VE42 d??re??II Carbon steel Multialloy wound  
    VE43 G??Sol??III Spiral core Tungsten/Chrome wound  
    VE44 C??Do??IV Spiral core Tungsten/Chrome wound